How To Receive Imported Firearms, Ammunition, and Implements of War

  • Once your ATF Form 6 is approved by the Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch (FEIB), it will be returned to you along with two blank ATF Forms 6A. You must complete Section I. Federal Firearms Licensee (FFLs) Types “08” and “11” importers must complete Sections I and III. Your original signature must be placed in item 19.

  • You may provide the foreign source/seller/shipper with copies of the approved Form 6 and completed 6A, to be placed inside the package along with the articles approved for importation.

  • 27 CFR §447.45(a) and 27 CFR §478.112(c) imposes an additional requirement on all registered and Federal firearms licensed (FFL’s, Types “08” or “11”) importers. In addition to the ATF Forms 6 and 6A already required to obtain the release of firearms, firearms parts, or ammunition, you must also present CBP officials with a copy of the export license authorizing the exportation of the articles from the exporting country. If the exporting country does not require the issuance of an export license, you instead must present a certification, signed under penalties of perjury, to that effect.

  • Once your goods arrive at the port of entry, CBP officials will conduct a physical examination of the articles to ensure your articles agree with the description of the articles on the approved Form 6 and completed Form 6A. If your articles pass inspection, CBP will then complete and sign Section II of the Form 6A. Within 15 days of release from Customs custody, you must forward a copy of the Form 6a to FEIB.

  • If you are not present at the port of entry, CBP will notify you of the arrival of your defense article(s), and provide you with the port location. You will then have the opportunity to decide whether you want the articles shipped to your licensed premises or if you want to travel to the port and take physical possession of the articles. If you will not take physical possession of the article, but instead would like a person who is not prohibited from possessing firearms, to obtain the article(s) on your behalf, you must provide that person with: (1) copy of the approved Form 6; (2) copy of the completed Form 6A; (3) the export license (if you are a FFL 08 or 11); and, (4) a letter signed by you authorizing him/her to take possession of the articles on your behalf. If you decide to have CBP ship the articles to your licensed premises (postage paid upon receipt), you must provide CBP with items (1)-(3) above.

  • 27 CFR § 478.92 and § 479.102 requires licensed importers (FFLs types 08 and 11) to conspicuously engrave each imported firearm frame, or receiver with: (1) your name and address as the importer of record; (2) caliber or gauge, (3) model designation; (4) the name of the manufacturer and country in which manufactured on each imported firearm if it did not bear such; and, (5) a unique serial number. A recognized abbreviation of same may used to identify the names.

  • 27 CFR § 478.112 provides that each importer and manufacturer must, within 15 days after defense articles are released from CBP custody, complete Section I of ATF Form 6A and forward it to ATF FEIB, 244 Needy Road, Martinsburg, WV 25405, (304) 616-4550. Licensed importers must also complete and sign Section II of the Form 6A.

Last Reviewed September 22, 2016