Answers to some common questions about storage and shipping requirements, manufacturing, and commercial use of fireworks.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is classifying certain 1.75-inch aerial shells, previously classified as 1.4G consumer fireworks, as 1.3G display fireworks (UN0335) for transportation purposes. Are these aerial shells regulated by ATF?

We occasionally sell display fireworks to other federally licensed individuals. Although most are used in shows, we do not know which will be sold and which will be used in company shows. Am I required to mark all of my imported display fireworks?

An ATF licensee will transport hobby fireworks manufactured for personal use across state lines to a club-sanctioned activity. This trip isn’t regulated by USDOT or DHS and 18 U.S.C. § 845(a)(1) does not apply. What are the federal storage rules?

If storing consumer fireworks in the same magazine with display fireworks, which meet the definition of consumer fireworks under 27 CFR § 555.11, and are exempt under 27 CFR § 555.141, must I abide by the table of distances under 27 CFR § 555.224?

I am a licensee with ATF and a city has asked me to store display fireworks for its show. May I store fireworks for the city in my explosives magazine and return them to the municipality for the show? If so, what records would I have to keep?