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Agent Specializations

ATF special agents may choose to enhance their tactical skills by pursuing specialized career tracks. These opportunities include:

Veteran agents with specialized skills, experience and certifications can apply to serve on several elite rapid response teams:

  • Special Response Teams stand ready to deploy within hours to any high-risk situation across the country from mass shootings to hostage crises, in support of their local, state and federal law enforcement partners. They use advanced tactics and undercover operations to apprehend our nation’s most violent criminals and terrorists.
  • National Response Teams are interdisciplinary groups of special agents, scientists, forensic specialists and local law enforcement officers who rapidly deploy across the nation to investigate major arson and explosives incidents.
  • International Response Teams respond to major arson and explosion incidents outside the United States in coordination with the Department of State. They work with law enforcement partners in foreign countries to investigative large fires, explosions and bombings.

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