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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Special Advisory

For Immediate Release
Monday, June 10, 2019

K-9 Teams Train on Explosive-Detection Skills

ATF conducts National Odor Recognition Training and Certification

MADISON, Wis. – The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering National Odor Recognition Testing (NORT) and certification to nearly 40 explosive-detection canine teams throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  • WHO: ATF’s National Canine Division and law enforcement partners
    ATF Lead NORT Instructor, Cody D. Monday, who will provide a short event overview, and explosive-detection K-9 teams from around the Midwest. See next page for a list of participating agencies.
  • WHAT: National Odor Recognition Testing and certification
    NORT is a voluntary test to evaluate a canine team’s ability to detect 10 fundamental explosive odors. Congress recognizes the test as the benchmark proficiency standard for effective canine explosives detection.
  • WHERE:  University of Wisconsin
    The Kohl Center, 601 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53715
  • WHEN:  Wednesday, June 12 at 10:30
    A short briefing about the NORT will kick off the media event. Then, journalists are welcome to capture b-roll, secondary interviews and meet the canine teams.

RSVPs are greatly appreciated. Please send a notification of attendance to PIO Ashlee Sherrill at


About National Odor Recognition Testing

During a three-day training and evaluation session, explosive-detection canine teams at all levels of government use NORT to identify gaps in training aids, learn about inadvertent training aid contamination, and practice odor detection in a professional training environment. NORT training also allows handlers to exchange information on trends and best practices with colleagues and ask questions of ATF canine and explosives subject matter experts. At the end of the training and practice session, teams can elect to perform the official NORT single-blind test administered by ATF.

ATF conducts about 12 NORT sessions a year nationwide for about 500 explosive-detection canine teams. Since inception in September 2005, 3,995 international, federal, state, local and military canine teams have participated in NORT training. 
ATF’s National Canine Division (NCD) is charged with training explosives, firearms and accelerant detection canines for federal, state, local and international law enforcement and fire investigation agencies. ATF is the leading source of specially trained explosives-, firearms- and accelerant-detection canine teams. Once trained, the canine teams are assigned to local, state and other federal law enforcement agencies, as well as select foreign countries. The teams regularly lend support to investigations and security efforts.
Participating agencies:
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office
  • Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office
  • Dane County Sheriff’s Office
  • Brown County Sheriff’s Office
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Dept.
  • University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Police Dept.
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Dept.
  • Indiana University Police Dept.
  • Illinois Secretary of State Police
  • Wisconsin Dept. of Justice
  • Wisconsin State Patrol
  • Milwaukee Police Dept.
  • Madison Police Dept.
  • Green Bay Police Dept.
  • Wisconsin Capitol Police Dept.
  • St. Cloud Police Dept.
  • Brooklyn Park Police Dept.
  • St. Paul Police Dept.
  • Appleton Police Dept.
  • La Crosse Police Dept.
  • Des Moines Police Dept.
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
  • Federal Protective Service
If you are interested in including any of the above agencies specifically, please be sure to mention it in your RSVP to PIO Ashlee Sherrill. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

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