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Professional and Technical Careers

ATF offers tremendous career opportunities for a wide range of professionals. Because of the breadth and scope of ATF’s mission, we employ professionals in fields as varied as intelligence analysis, laboratory sciences, information technology, human resources, general management, etc. No matter their field, all ATF employees are committed to fulfilling the agency's priorities and upholding our core values.


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    Administrative personnel advise employees on hiring procedures, benefits, retirement, performance and pay administration. They also conduct analyses and studies involving major program areas of the agency.


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    The primary mission of attorneys at ATF is to prevent violent crime by enforcing and administering the Gun Control Act and other federal laws on firearms, explosives and the trafficking of alcohol and tobacco.


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    ATF's intelligence research specialists collect and analyze information from various sources for investigations involving terrorist activities and organized crime, then compile it into analytical reports and graphs.

    Intelligence Research Specialists

Last Updated: June 4, 2024

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