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Forensic Auditors

Forensic auditors conduct review of financial records

ATF’s forensic auditors are highly trained experts who assist with investigations into firearms trafficking, arson for profit, explosives violations, and tobacco and alcohol diversion. Auditors analyze complex data to uncover financial crimes such as bank, wire, or mail fraud; money laundering; and embezzlement. Their findings are used to help identify suspects, illegal profits, and assets that may be seized during the asset forfeiture process. Forensic auditors also provide expert witness testimonies and prepare search warrants and grand jury subpoenas.  

ATF currently has 40 forensic auditors stationed across the nation that often serve on multi-agency task forces charged with disrupting organized crime, gangs and criminal enterprise operations. 

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Specialized Training and Technology

Forensic auditors must have an undergraduate degree in accounting and several years of practical work experience. In addition, auditors need professional credentials such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and/or Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Their work requires the use of computer forensic tools, data-mining applications, statistical principles, PowerBI, bookkeeping and accounting software to conduct advanced financial analysis on case-related data. 

Combating Violent Crime

ATF’s forensic auditors sift through vast amounts of data and crime scene evidence to identify financial charges, establish financial motives for crimes, and track the proceeds of illicit activities. Their findings are used to support criminal cases and long-term sentencing recommendations.

One of ATF’s forensic auditors was recently recognized as part of the Southern District of Georgia’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force with a national award for her collaborative contributions during Operation Cellmate. They successfully investigated and prosecuted a transitional, multidistrict drug trafficking organization for illegally trafficking methamphetamines.

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