Industry Operations Investigator Training

An industry operations investigator inspects a business inventory during IOI basic trainingIndustry operations investigators (IOIs) serve as ATF’s first line of defense for detecting and deterring illegal firearms activity. Their career with ATF begins with the mandatory 10-week IOI Basic Training held by ATF’s National Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia.  

Trainees participate in hands-on courses focused on enhancing their investigative knowledge. They learn how to safely conduct inspections, analyze data and handle firearms and explosive materials. In addition, IOI trainees use best practices and real-world scenarios to detect patterns of firearms and explosive trafficking, compile case evidence and share intelligence with special agents to help solve violent crimes. During the program, IOI trainees also learn how to apply firearms and explosives laws to criminal investigations. 

Two industry operations investigators practice inspecting inventory during IOI basic trainingIOI Basic Training teaches effective verbal and written communication, critical thinking report writing and outreach techniques for collaborating with industry members on regulatory requirements. 

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Last Reviewed February 8, 2023