Industry Operations Investigator Training

Industry Operations Investigator Basic Training (IOIBT) is a comprehensive 10-week program designed to train newly-hired industry operations investigators (IOI) in the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to effectively conduct inspections of firearms and explosives licensees and permittees, as well as provide assistance to other Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies.  Since successful completion of IOIBT is mandatory in order for the newly hired IOI to maintain employment, every aspect of the program is designed to ensure that trainees learn what they need to know through instruction of the highest caliber.

IOI trainees receive instruction on procedures for properly conducting firearms and explosives compliance and qualification inspections, including how to conduct such inspections safely and in accordance with all ATF laws and regulations.  Training is also provided on explosives and firearms identification, firearms and explosives laws and regulatory requirements, firearms and explosives safe handling, report writing, research skills, case management, business entities, interviewing techniques, sampling techniques, recognizing trafficking and diversion schemes, and procedures for obtaining permits and/or licenses to import, manufacture, or sell regulated products. 

Because IOI trainees are expected to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge, skills and abilities, a variety of individual and group practical exercises are conducted during IOIBT.  Practical exercises include interviewing scenarios, explosives safe handling, firearms identification, laser rangefinder and GPS use and operation, simulated inspections of licensed gun shops and explosives storage facilities, and revocation hearing testimony.

Last Reviewed September 22, 2016