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Administrative personnel advise officials and employees on hiring procedures, employee benefits, retirement benefits, performance, and pay administration. They also conduct in-depth, complex and integrated analyses and studies involving major program areas of the Bureau.

Human Resources Personnel

The primary purpose of the human resources (HR) occupations within ATF is to provide a variety of human resources management (HRM) services as well as consultation on the most effective alignment of HR systems to support strategic goals and objectives and produce the results that accomplish the ATF mission. Management relies on these specialists and systems to help them apply merit system principles to attracting, developing, managing, and retaining a high quality and diverse workforce. Employees rely on these specialists and systems to provide information and assistance that sustain important features of the employer-employee relationship, such as employee benefits, employee relations, staffing and recruitment, etc. These specialists provide products and services for a wide variety of employee categories that involve different systems with different statutory and regulatory authorities.

Staffing & Placement

  • Responsible for administering and implementing a Bureau-wide recruitment and employment program which includes merit employment, delegated examining, student employment, and policy to expedite the process of filling vacant positions with best qualified candidates and to uphold the laws and policies of the Federal government for the merit promotion and competitive selection processes.
  • Advises and assists management on matters pertaining to recruitment, placement, promotions, reassignments, details, and reduction-in-force procedures and employment in general.
  • Serves as an expert resource on recruitment matters.

Employee Relations

  • Provides comprehensive management advisory services in the area of employee relations.
  • Analyzes difficult and complex employee issues and problems covering adverse actions, discipline, employee conduct, performance-based actions, performance management, employee services, employee morale and motivation, and other employee relations programs and activities.
  • Assists supervisors and/or managers in preparing notices of proposed disciplinary action, notices of decision, written reprimands, leave restriction letters, referral letters, and other supervisor drafts.
  • Advises employees and supervisors on grievance procedures and issues.
  • Serves as the technical advisor on appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) for assigned cases.

Position Classification & Performance Management

  • Serves as a technical expert on position classification and performance management related issues providing complete classification management advisory services on conducting desk audits, proposed reorganizations, position management and other classification issues or problems.
  • Advises managers and supervisors on evaluation, feedback and recognition techniques; establishment of critical elements and standards; aligning employee performance plans with organization goals; performance requirements; and the overall adequacy and quality of employee performance plans.

Policy & Human Capital Planning

  • Develops human resources policies and procedures reflecting latest initiatives and best practices in management of human resources and human capital and the application of technology in regard to workforce and succession planning.
  • Researches and analyzes changes in laws, Office of Personnel Management and Department guidelines, and ATF management's needs.
  • Conducts systematic review and analysis of existing processes, policies and procedures and reengineers and streamlines them in accordance with management needs, best practices, enabling technology, and strategic human capital initiatives, particularly with regard to workforce and succession planning analyses.

Employee Benefits

  • Independently provides confidential retirement counseling to employees (including executives and managers at all levels) and completes the processing of all types of retirement cases including disability, early retirement (Discontinued Service Retirement [DSR] and Voluntary Early Retirement Authority [VERA]), and death in service cases.
  • Provides benefits counseling and services to all ATF employees as well as survivors of deceased ATF employees.
  • Provides technical advice and support for federal employee benefits programs, including the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance program, Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program, and Long Term Care Insurance program.
  • Provides advice and support for leave programs, including Family and Medical Leave Act, Family Friendly Leave Act, military leave, leave sharing programs and leave restoration.

Management and Program Analyst

The primary purpose of the ATF management & program analyst is to serve as analysts and advisors to management on the evaluation of the effectiveness of its programs and operations. This work is typically performed in a staff capacity within one of ten (10) Directorates. The results of this work support the accomplishment of the principal ATF mission. These positions generally require knowledge of the substantive nature of ATF programs and activities; management principles and processes; and the analytical and evaluative methods and techniques for assessing program development or execution and improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Some positions also require an understanding of basic budgetary and financial management principles and techniques as they relate to long range planning of programs and objectives. The work may also require skill in fact finding and investigative techniques, oral and written communications, and the development of presentations and reports.

  • Utilizes expert knowledge of analytical techniques and an extensive understanding of subject programs to continually assess the effectiveness of program operations by conducting complex studies, analyses, surveys, reports, briefings, etc.
  • Confers with personnel and counterparts in other law enforcement agencies, establishing cooperative relationships, exchanging information, and representing the Bureau at various intra-agency gatherings.
  • Coordinates planning initiatives with other agencies, through participation in negotiations with other law enforcement agencies concerning joint allocation of resources, joint operational initiatives, etc.
  • Performs a variety of management, analytical and administrative duties which are critical to the coordination, preparation, formulation, implementation and evaluation of the ATF strategic plan.
  • Performs budget management services for ATF and processes financial documents using the Bureau's automated financial management system. Reconciles expenditures and prepares regular reports, as needed. Also maintains related financial documents and files as required by Bureau policy.
  • Evaluates the impact of Department of Justice, ATF, and other government directives, policies and program initiatives and develops procedures to ensure that policies, directives and guidelines are correctly implemented within the Bureau.
  • Conducts long and short-term planning concerning the Bureau-wide implementation of principles and practices, integrating them within the Bureau's overall strategic planning function.
  • Develops efficient and effective reporting systems that reflect program progress, workload, and other management reporting systems for use in operational and administrative analysis and for developing and monitoring ATF's Strategic Plan.

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Last Updated: May 23, 2024

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