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U.S. Attorney's Office
District of Wyoming
L. Robert Murray, United States Attorney
Contact: Lori Hogan
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Officers Recognized at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee Award Ceremony

Law enforcement officers and agents were recognized for their outstanding achievements related to significant criminal cases at the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC) Awards Ceremony on May 3, 2022 in Lander, Wyoming.

“It is my great honor to recognize those in our community who go above and beyond to protect our children, our community and our way of life in Wyoming,” said United States Attorney Bob Murray. “Those honored never seek recognition, but it is important to let the public know about the accomplishments of our law enforcement and community members.  I thank each and every one of them for their continued service,” said Murray.

The awards were presented by Assistant United States Attorneys and were based on complex or remarkable cases that fell into specific criminal categories.  Nicole Romine, Chief of the Criminal Division for United States Attorney’s Office, said, “These men and women consistently face danger as they make arrests and investigate crime that impacts communities across the District of Wyoming. These awards recognize some of the most complex federal cases our office worked in 2021 – involving large amounts of money and/or drugs, as well as discernible impacts to victims, and resulting in successful prosecution that made our communities safer.”

The following individuals were recognized for their involvement, commitment, and achievements regarding federal criminal cases that fell into these categories:


  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service: Sonia Hacker, Special Agent
  • FINRA/Criminal Prosecution Assistance Group: Alex Scoufis, Principal Counsel
  • U.S. Department of Education/Office of Inspector General: Tim Pikas, Special Agent



  • Bureau of Indian Affairs:
    • Erick Blackburn, Chief of Police
    • Michael Shockley, Special Agent
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Rita Gatlin, Victim Specialist



  • Drug Enforcement Agency: David Tyree, Resident Agent in Charge
  • Cheyenne Police Department: Tim Meyrick, Detective Sergeant



  • Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
    • Cody Ruiz, Special Agent
    • Michael Hanson, Special Agent
  • Rock Springs Police Department
    • Jennifer Chick, Detective
    • Ken Davis, Detective
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations
    • Kyle Michieli, Special Agent
    • William Whitfield, Special Agent


  • Cheyenne Police Department
    • Tim Meyrick, Detective Sergeant
    • Caresa Marino, Detective
    • Chase Rippy, Detective
    • Craig Sanne, Detective
    • Jake Reiber, Detective
  • Drug Enforcement Agency
    • Joseph Brock, Group Supervisor
    • Garylee McDermed, Special Agent
    • Chris Roetlin, Special Agent
    • Jason Tempco, Special Agent
    • Matt Walls, Special Agent
  • Laramie County Sheriff's Department
    • Ryan Wyskochil, Detective



  • Casper Police Department
    • Tiffany Elhart, Detective
    • Mitch Hill, Officer
    • Aaron Trujillo, Detective
    • Brenden LaPointe, Officer
    • Josh Albrecht, Officer
    • Sam Dunnuck, Officer
    • Todd Wells, Sergeant
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations
    • Adrianne Culver, Special Agent
    • Christine Coble, Special Agent
    • Justin Kempf, Special Agent
    • Jedediah Oakley, Special Agent
    • Grant Gelling, Tactical Specialist
    • Scott Jensen, Special Agent
    • Stephanie Knapp, Supervisory Forensic Child Interview Specialist
    • Terri Nave, Victim Specialist
    • Lara Brewer, Investigative Operations Analyst (retired)
    • Jodie Hively, Forensic Child Interview Specialist
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
  • Fremont County Coroner: Erin Ivie, Chief Deputy
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs: Michael Shockley, Special Agent
  • Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation: Mike Phillips, Task Force Officer



  • ICE/Homeland Security Investigations
    • Nicole Bailey, Special Agent
    • Caleb Forness, Computer Forensic Analyst
    • Laura Elder, Special Agent
    • Sherrill Maddox, Management Program Analyst
    • Shannon Patak, Special Agent Investigations
  • Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
    • Chris McDonald, Supervisory Special Agent
    • Brett Kniss, Special Agent
    • Colten Carpenter, Special Agent
    • Dan Allison, Special Agent
    • Joel Greene, Special Agent
    • Ryan Hieb, Special Agent
    • Todd Colvin, Special Agent
    • Lindsey Hollingsworth, Intelligence Analyst
    • Daniel Brown, Forensic Intern
  • Teton County Sherriff’s Department
    • Clayton Platt, Investigative Sergeant
    • Dustin Richards, Investigator
  • Natrona County Sherriff’s Department: Drew Cotton, Investigator
  • Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department: Matthew Warton, Detective

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