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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

ATF Press Release

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

ATF Industry Operations Investigators To Conduct Compliance Inspections at ‘The Mill’

Boston – The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announced today they have deployed the agency's Major Inspection Team to assist Boston Field Division Industry Operations Investigators in conducting compliance inspections of Federal Firearms Licensees using the "The Mill" in the 400 block of Great Road, Littleton, as their licensed business premises.

The MIT is comprised of senior Industry Operations Investigators from across the country and can deploy anywhere in the United States to assist ATF field offices in conducting large-scale inspections of federal firearms and explosives licensees. The Boston FD requested the team to assist with inspecting the 86 FFLs operating from the location, providing comprehensive inspection of all licensees in a relatively short time.

These inspections should not be confused with a criminal investigation. ATF has two missions: the enforcement of federal firearms, explosives, and arson laws by Special Agents; and the regulation of the firearms and explosives industry in the U.S., carried out by IOIs.

To protect the public, ATF ensures FFLs comply with the federal laws and regulations put in place to prevent the diversion of firearms from lawful commerce to illegal black markets that serve as sources of supply for guns used in crime. Inspections of licensees also ensure FFLs maintain the records required to support ATF’s ability to successfully trace firearms recovered in criminal investigations. The ATF National Tracing Center uses these records to provide critical and timely crime gun intelligence to our local, state, tribal and federal partners. IOIs also conduct FFL inspections to educate licensees on the specific requirements of those regulations, often suggesting voluntary measures licensees can take to improve compliance, while also reducing gun crime.

Reports of Inspection are not publicly available. These reports may be obtained through the FOIA process, but only after the inspection is closed. Should violations of federal law be discovered during an inspection, it will be referred to ATF Special Agents for further investigation. Violations of state law or local ordinance will be referred to the proper authorities.

More detailed information regarding federal firearms compliance inspections can be found at

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