Ed holding a curling broom, standing on an ice rink.Ed is a Forensic Auditor in the Central Region who has worked 12 years at the ATF and has more than 20 years of investigative experience. Prior to starting his ATF career, he worked for two different U.S. Attorney’s Offices and had a separate career in environmental consulting. Ed is also a former professional firefighter and emergency medical technician. The traditional missions of ATF have always appealed to Ed and he remembers as a child being particularly interested in tax stamps that were affixed to cigarette packs. His unique combination of backgrounds in financial analyses, accounting and firefighting have enhanced and benefitted Ed’s work as an ATF Forensic Auditor. He covets his role because it allows him to apply his financial skills to a wide variety of criminal and civil investigations.

Ed values education and holds a bachelor’s degree in politics and a master’s degree in public administration. When not at work, Ed is an avid curler who travels the country with his curling team participating in tournaments.

Thank you, Ed, for your many years of service and contributions to law enforcement. We appreciate the unique qualities of each of our employees. It’s what makes ATF collectively better.

Last Reviewed August 20, 2020