Special Agent Dionte posing for a photo in a local park.  Dionte, a special agent from the Detroit Field Division, was always drawn to a career in federal law enforcement. At an early age, Dionte’s mother told him he could overcome any challenge with hard work and dedication. He witnessed his mother’s resolve to achieve great things and took note. Dionte has used his mother’s inspiration throughout his law enforcement career.

Dionte first worked as a juvenile counselor and then as a local police officer prior to accepting a position with ATF. When not at work Dionte enjoys hiking with his family and staying in shape. Dionte pushes to be better every day and hopes to inspire others like his mother inspired him. Thank you, Dionte, for your contributions to the ATF. We appreciate the commitment and diverse background of each of our employees. It’s what makes ATF collectively better.

Last Reviewed May 6, 2020