Misty stands in front of a waterfallMisty is a Senior Industry Operations Investigator from the Detroit Field Division. She has worked 15 years at the ATF and started as an intern in the McAllen Field Office. Prior to starting her ATF career, she worked at the U.S Customs Service for three years. Misty grew up in a middle-class family in South Texas about 15 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. Misty’s father, who was an educator, inspired her to continue her studies beyond high school. Misty’s uncles, who were ATF special agents, inspired Misty to look for a career in a field where Hispanic women were underrepresented. Her uncles enjoyed working at the ATF and they motivated her to pursue a position with the agency.

When not working, Misty has a wide range of interests. She enjoys reading, scrapbooking, spending time with family, baking with her daughter, travel, and taking pictures of natural surroundings. Misty has also completed four half-marathons and plans to run her fifth later this year.   

Thank you, Misty, for inspiring others to work hard and pursue their goals. We appreciate the unique qualities of each of our employees. It’s what makes ATF collectively better.

Last Reviewed July 10, 2020