National Academy

ATF’s National Academy provides next-generation level training and education programs for ATF’s special agents and industry operations investigators (IOIs) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. Its training courses are regularly reviewed and accredited by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation, a governing body that makes sure all law enforcement training supports the mission and meets professional standards.  

The curriculum includes intense field operations simulations, crime scene investigation techniques and classroom courses for new recruits. The academy is organized into six strategic branches: Arson and Explosives, Basic Training, Field Operations, Liaison and Curriculum Development, Logistics and Operations, and Tactical Applications. These branches are led by top experts who served in military, law enforcement, explosives and arson roles across the country.

Firearms instructor Misty Waytes teachs special agents during basic trainingSpecial Agent Basic Training

The academy’s training program for newly hired special agents has two parts: the 12-week Criminal Investigator Training Program and the 15-week Special Agent Basic Training (SABT). Special agents participate in academic, legal, regulatory and practical training to prepare them for the intense requirements of working on violent crime cases. In addition, new agents must successfully pass simulated field operation exercises that test their mental and physical capabilities. There are usually 25 students in each SABT class. 

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Industry Operations Investigators review evidence found at a straw gun house IOI Basic Training 

The academy’s Industry Operations Investigator Training Program teaches new IOIs how to safely conduct investigations of federal firearms licensees and explosives licensees and permittees. During the 10-week course, IOI trainees learn how to identify and safely handle explosives and firearms materials, and how to recognize patterns of illegal trafficking. Their training prepares them to become experts in firearms and explosives federal laws and regulations. 

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Last Reviewed October 26, 2020