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Mayela J. and NeKeisha P. discuss ATF's En Espanol site in front of audience at Drupal GovCon
In July 2019, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) accomplished something not many other federal agencies have: creating a Spanish language micro-version of its website, “This has been in the making for a long time, and I’m so proud of this team’s efforts,” said Brian Nickey, chief of ATF’s Digital Media Division (DMD). Why did ATF need to add a second language to the site? Issued in 2000, Executive Order 13166 requires organizations that receive federal funding to make their services accessible to persons with limited English proficiency. ATF chose... Read more about ATF en Español: Web Team Launches Public Spanish Site
Image of law enforcement carrying team members during training.
More than 25 law enforcement officers held a training exercise with HealthNet Aeromedical Services, a critical care transport agency, in Buckhannon yesterday, preparing for a worst-case scenario – treating and evacuating a critically-injured fellow officer. The exercise, hosted by the Buckhannon Police Department, also included Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) special agents, deputy U.S. Marshals, and Upshur County sheriff’s deputies.   “Many of our operations happen in remote areas, and a wounded agent or officer might take an hour or more to reach a trauma center... Read more about Local, federal officers train to provide care under fire
Image of Ariel Rios holding a seized firearm.
On December 2nd, ATF national headquarters building in Washington, D.C., will officially carry the name of Special Agent Ariel Rios.  Rios was killed in the line of duty the same day a little more than three decades ago.   On Dec. 2, 1982, Rios and his partner Special Agent Alex D’Atri were negotiating a large cocaine deal, known as an undercover buy and bust operation, from drug traffickers at the Hurricane Motel in Little Havana on West Flagler Street in Central Miami.   Special Agent Rios was a member of the Vice President’s Task Force on South Florida Crime during the early-1980s at a... Read more about ATF headquarters named after fallen agent
Detroit One Partnership Making a Difference
Bounty Hunter Bloods Gang Members Wake Up to Find Bad Dream is Real ATF’s Detroit Field Division joined forces with the Detroit PD, along with other federal and local partners, to take a violent offender and his crew off the streets of Detroit through the Detroit One initiative. Twenty-seven year old Ramiah Jefferson a/k/a “Nightmare,” didn’t wake up fast enough and is now serving 30 years in federal prison for terrorizing a community.  Jefferson, the leader of the Bounty Hunter Bloods, was convicted in August for racketeering conspiracy and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime... Read more about Detroit One Partnership Making a Difference
Gang Members Who Shot Up Mother’s Day Parade Get Life
Shootings, drugs, gang violence. It’s in the news a lot these days…most every day, in some fashion. What isn’t seen every day, what doesn’t usually make breaking news is when justice is delivered and the shooters are taken off the streets. Three years ago, on a sunny afternoon in New Orleans, a Mother’s Day celebration turned violent when shots rang out leaving 20 people injured. A parade was underway in the 7th Ward in New Orleans. The gun play? It was all about control over turf, drugs, and the Frenchmen/Derbigny, also known as the FnD gang. On Tuesday, Travis Scott, aka “Trap,” aka “Slim... Read more about Gang Members Who Shot Up Mother’s Day Parade Get Life
The Active Kansas City Field Division
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Kansas City Field Division's area of enforcement and responsibility includes the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. With barely more than 100 ATF special agents and 40 industry operations investigators (IOI) covering more than 285,675 square miles, the Division faces many daily challenges, including overseeing the regulation of an area with the highest number of gun dealers. ATF conducts criminal enforcement over a wide variety of jurisdictions. Lately, ATF special agents in the Kansas City Field Division experienced... Read more about The Active ATF Kansas City Field Division
Image of the graduates of the Caribbean firearms examiners class
On July 24, 2015, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) National Laboratory Center held its very first graduation for the Caribbean firearms examiners class. This 12-week course in forensics was given to selected members of countries in the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) program to provide instruction and training in the identification of weapons and ammunition, proper documentation to facilitate firearms and explosives traces, current trends in firearms, and intelligence gathering techniques.   ATF joined the CBSI program in 2012 under an Inter-Agency... Read more about The First of Its Kind: A New Class of Crime Fighters for the Caribbean
Jo Ann Kocher being sworn in.
A law prohibiting women in federal law enforcement from carrying firearms was in effect until 1971. It wasn't until then that female federal agents of the new era were allowed to join the ranks. On July 1, 1972, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) became an independent agency, separate from the Internal Revenue Service and began reporting to the U.S. Department of Treasury. Only a few weeks earlier, ATF experienced another change. In June 1972, Jo Ann Kocher was sworn in as the first female ATF special agent. Kocher, an only child, was raised in Queens, New York... Read more about ATF Pioneer: Jo Ann Kocher - First Female ATF Agent
Several firearms and packages of ammunition.
By: Dannette Seward   When Sergio Garcia-Rico of Chula Vista, Calif., made his frequent trips across the border from California to Mexico, the 53-year-old quadriplegic man was carrying much more than a spare wheelchair in the back of his specially-equipped van. But it wasn't until Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) contacted the ATF San Diego Field Office about an investigation HSI had undertaken into Garcia-Rico's cross-border activities that a special agent with the ATF got involved. "Once HSI briefed us on their investigation, it was apparent Garcia-Rico had straw purchased several... Read more about A “Bold and Brazen Gun Trafficker”
Firearm siting on top of a pile of money.
By: Beth Gosselin   Keeping communities safe by combating firearms trafficking and violent crime - both part of the core mission of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Recently, ATF, along with U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker and the Eastern District of North Carolina United States Attorney's Office (USAO), highlighted the success of this mission in Sharpsburg, N.C. The leader of a violent criminal drug enterprise, Tovaris Battle, stole firearms and bought them illegally from drug users in order to further his criminal organization. ATF along with partner law... Read more about Going After the “Worst of the Worst”
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