Robert E. Duff

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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
December 9, 1922
Location of Death: 
Menifee County, KY

Circumstances of Death

Prohibition Agent Robert Duff, accompanied by other agents and local officers, was searching for stills in Menifee County, KY.  During the search, they came upon a log house and the distinctive odor of "mash" was evident.  As the agents attempted to open the front door, it suddenly burst open and a volley of shots was fired at the agents.  Agent Duff was killed instantly.  A member of the notorious Ballard family was held responsible for the killing.


Agent Duff joined the Prohibition Unit on October 28, 1921, with an annual salary of $1,800.


Agent Duff was born in Bath, KY.  He was survived by his wife.

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