Goldstein Case

The Crime and Investigation

What began in 2002 as a conspiracy to acquire illegal firearms and unregistered bombs expanded to include a plot to destroy religious property. The suspects included a podiatrist, dentist and Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL). In a joint investigation with the Pinellas County (Florida) Sheriff's Office, ATF agents and Sheriff's deputies seized a variety of machineguns, explosive devices and other prohibited weapons from the home of one suspect. They also recovered notes and schematics delineating plans to bomb a local Islamic education center.


Destructive Devices

Thirty-seven explosive devices were found in the Goldstein residence, along with instructions on how to build bombs. The suspects intended to use the bombs against law enforcement and an Islamic education center.


Seized Weapons

ATF confiscated three firearms from the Goldstein residence similar to the models on display.

Remington M-870, 12-gauge, short-barrel shotgun

Grenade Launcher, 37mm

Glock Model 17, 9mm pistol

Image of confiscated shotgun and 9mm ammunition

Image of Thirty-seven explosive devices


Image of four arrested perpetrators, Dr. Robert Goldstein (left), Kristi Goldstein (left middle), Dr. Michael Hardee (right middle), and Samuel Shannahan (right)
Image of four arrested Perpetrators

Dr. Robert Goldstein, Kristi Goldstein, Dr. Michael Hardee Samuel Shannahan

The Arrest

Search warrants were executed in 11 different locations, yielding 60 firearms, 37 destructive devices and valuable documentary evidence. Four defendants were arrested by ATF Agents and Sheriff's deputies on a variety of federal charges, including conspiracy, possession of unregistered destructive devices, attempt to destroy religious property and firearms violations.


The Adjudication

Dr. Robert Goldstein, the principal suspect, and his accomplice Dr. Michael Hardee were each convicted on three charges and sentenced to 151 months and 41 months imprisonment, respectively. Samuel Shannahan, the FFL, was convicted on one charge and sentenced to 56 months. Kristi Goldstein, Robert's wife, received 36 months.


Image of Dr. Robert Goldstein Firearm
Image of Dr. Robert Goldstein Firearm
Last Reviewed September 22, 2016