Ku Klux Klan

The Crime and Investigation

In 1992, several Connecticut-based ethnic groups were the target of white supremacist violence and demonstrations. The fanatical white supremacists were also stockpiling assault weapons and bombs for a race war. A multi-agency task force of ATF, Connecticut State Police and several local police departments focused on William Dodge, the "Grand Dragon" of the Unified KKK. Undercover Agents infiltrated the group and obtained valuable intelligence about the use of straw purchasers to secretly obtain firearms, silencers and kits that converted conventional firearms into machine guns.

Image of William Dodge, the

Image of William Dodge, the “Grand Dragon” of the Unified KKK

Image of Invisible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan application.

Image of KKK Membership Application


The Arrest and Adjudication

The Ku Klux Klan investigation culminated with a reverse sting operation in 1994. When Grand Dragon William Dodge received delivery of pipe bombs and a handgun with a silencer, he was immediately arrested. Additional federal and state arrest and search warrants were simultaneously executed across the state. In the end, 10 individuals were arrested and convicted on a variety of federal and state charges, including firearms, explosives, narcotics, hate crimes and conspiracy charges. Sentences ranged from six months to 63 months imprisonment.

Image of Grand Dragon William Dodge booking fingerprints

Image Grand Dragon William Dodge Booking Fingerprints
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